I have been involved in art all of my life. Since my childhood, I have always been the one who would not stay within the lines. I have explored each type of media to develop my process and tailor its use to my preference. To aid in my development, I have always had an endless thirst to read, research, and observe others.
"Red Bandana" - Cowgirl Painting by Ray Darnell
Red Bandana
"Sunshine" - Cowgirl Painting by Ray Darnell
"You Borrowed My Horse?" - Cowgirl Painting by Ray Darnell
You Borrowed My Horse?

I am still learning and working to elevate the technical skills needed to control my art. Inspiration for my art is all around me. I love to explore various media and push myself to achieve new and often unexpected results. These chance results lead me to creations that are new, exciting, and different. The challenge then becomes to recreate that “chance happening” in order to understand it and control it so that my skill and technique is advanced. Sometimes I cannot recreate the work which can be sad - but even then I am learning and expanding my creative ability. I love the watery flow of watercolors and I am applying that effect to oil painting as well. I consider my strength in 2 dimensional work to be with figurative art. I most enjoy drawing and painting women because they are so varied and endlessly challenging. I enjoy capturing a woman’s emotion in my work. My motto has always been “Be creative in all that you do”.

Ray Darnell Photograph